2015 playoffs final match G4-Owen comeback to help Zhan Huang playing time does not exceed 25 minutes _1

In the 2015 playoffs, G4-Owen came back to help Zhan Huang play less than 25 minutes
According to the “Yahoo” name Spears broke the news in his Twitter, Irving will come back today, after experiencing consecutive absences, the Cavaliers master finally got permission from the team doctor.However, due to the fact that the foot and foot injury and the knee injury have not been completely healed, the Irving game will face a limited time and the playing time will not exceed 25 minutes.Owen’s comeback is worth mentioning that Owen will not only play today, but will also debut as a starter.  Prior to this, Owen had been experiencing a wound on his foot, and his left knee had been plagued by injuries.In the series with the Bulls, he stepped on the surface of Thompson’s foot and caused his right foot to twist and sprain.In this way, in the second and third games of the Eastern Conference finals, Irving missed the game consecutively, but in two games, James played a godlike performance, facing the Cavaliers with a total score of 3-0, ahead of the promotion.  Choosing a comeback today in World War I seems to be hoping to help the team eliminate opponents as soon as possible.If the Cavaliers can win this game, they can easily pass horizontally with a total score of 4-0.Considering that the finals will not start until June 5, Irving will have a rare rest period, and the armor will allow him to recover from injuries.  In the playoffs this season, Irving can contribute 18 per game.9 points, is the team’s second player.His timely comeback meant that James received giant-level reinforcements.At the same time, from the standpoint of the Cavaliers, the team also hopes to solve the opponent as soon as possible, and the opponent has long dreams.(Yang Willie)