In the 2015 finals, G3 Zhan Huang bowed to the 79-year-old fame and praised his perfect personality_1

In the 2015 finals, G3 Zhan Huang bowed to the 79-year-old fame and praised his perfect personality
On June 11, Beijing time, the Cavaliers had a 2-1 lead after defeating the Warriors.Before the fierce battle began, LeBron James respectfully saluted an old man on the sidelines and was captured by the camera.Who is this, even James has to worship him?  He is a well-known running back Jim Brown in American football.The last time the Cleveland City won the U.S. championship was 51 years ago, the football team led by Brown.(Interestingly, the Cleveland football team is called the’Brown Team’.) James bows to Jim Brown. James may become the greatest basketball player, and Brown is arguably one of the greatest football players.The meeting of these two greatest athletes is a legend in itself.  It’s an honor for me to pay tribute to a veteran like me, a young man like this. Brown said in an interview that this means a lot to me.We all want to be recognized, and “respect” is the best vocabulary.When James did this, I thought it was a respect.  The camera recorded this scene.After more than three hours, James led the Cavaliers to beat the Warriors 96-91, leading the series 2-1.  What James did moved deeply moved Brown. This is one of my favorite moments in sports history. He said that at the time, he also saluted James, and he didn’t need to think of me at all.People still show respect to me, this kind of situation is rare.This is a wonderful feeling.  Brown believes that James’ bow is a declaration of his perfect personality.He has done thousands of things and will convey positive energy, which is ignored by many people. Brown said that people did not ignore last night.I think he also knows what he is doing.He inspires everyone because he respects me.  Before the game started, the Big Q Stadium was already full of vocals, and after James bowed, it was even more bursting.  I am 79 years old, and I will be 80 years old in February next year. Brown said that he is still a special consultant for the Browns. For many years, the first time someone remembered me before such a stressful game, it was huge.honor.  51 years ago, Brown won the championship in Cleveland.51 years later, James has only two wins from the championship.Fans are full of anticipation, and now they see the hope of winning the championship. Brown said that he believes that the Cavaliers are playing a kind of overall basketball. James is doing his best and driving the teammates. They are all working very hard.  Is James the greatest basketball player?Brown believes that he is on the way to the greatest and will eventually succeed.Because he can carry a team alone, can play 5 positions on the field, can do a lot of great players can not do.When he thinks of him, he does not think of his data, but he strives to become a best teammate.He makes every teammate stronger.  Brown once led the Browns to the NFL finals three times. In 1966, the Torrent retreated and was elected to the Football Hall of Fame.In his career, he ranked first in rushing yards on 8 occasions and was selected to the NFL First Team eight times in 9 years.No wonder James has to pay homage to him.  In the fourth game of the Finals, Brown will not be able to watch the game in person because he has something to do in Los Angeles.But so the Cavaliers can finally win the championship, he will definitely come back.  Yes, if Mr. Gilt (cavalier boss) and Mr. LeBron invite me, I will definitely participate in the championship march and have a party with the fans, Brown said.(Angkor)